What are Organic Medjool Dates

What are Organic Medjool Dates?

Diet and Food

The large and soft, the organic Medjool dates are one of the real treats. The organic Medjool dates have great caramel-like flavor naturally with very fewer fats and a large amount of potassium in a healthy manner to satisfy the mouth with sweet taste. These dates have a little bigger size and perfect for snacking to beat hunger of unusual times; just keep in mind to first remove its pits. This fruit may also be utilized as to take instant energy or as a raw dessert. 

4 healthy benefits of organic Medjool Dates

1) Full of Potassium: The organic Medjool date is a good powerhouse of potassium. It’s the mineral, which provides good protection to heart to keep the sodium level in control and prevents high blood-pressure. A serving of one-cup Medjool dates has three times more potassium than a serving of one-cup banana.

2) High in good fibers: In one serving of 2.4 ounces of Medjool dates, there are 6 grams of healthy fibers. A lot of people do not get the recommended requirement of fibers everyday (25 to 30 grams from food in the daily basis), consequently a small number of dates can provide you a large amount of fibers if you include them in your meal. Fibers are very important for a better digestion level and this can be favorable for cutting down bad cholesterol level.

3) Great minerals: You can collect a good amount of minerals during your snack-time! Medjool dates can provide a important amount of minerals such as copper, magnesium and calcium. These important minerals support the whole thing from bones and teeth health and red blood cell production.

4) Vitamin B-complex: The Medjool dates are full of vitamin B-complex, very important to produce energy from the food.

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