Foods that Help Promote Hair Growth

Foods that Help Promote Hair Growth

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Struggling with your thin hair? Want to improve your hair growth? We’ve got you covered. With the right diet choice, you can achieve a thick hair look. All you need is to stick to your diet plan. We’ve shortlisted some of the best foods that are thought to be good for healthy hair. You don’t need to spend your hardly earned money on expensive hair products and treatments as they do nothing but spoil your time and money. Anyhow, let’s check out these hair growth foods below:

Foods that Help Promote Hair Growth


Eggs are good for hair growth because they are rich in protein. You need to consume a decent amount of proteins to keep your body moving. Protein deficiency can be a reason behind your thin hair. So, it’s recommended that you eat an egg daily to improve your protein intake.

Green vegetables

Iron plays a vital role in improving your hair growth because it’s something our hair cells need the most. When you’re not getting adequate iron, it can slow down the transfer of oxygen and other important nutrients to hair roots and follicles, which can result in weak strands and thin hair. To improve your iron intake, you should consume more green vegetables.

Citrus fruits

Our body needs an adequate amount of Vitamin C to absorb iron. Therefore, you need to incorporate citrus fruits into your diet. You can have lemonade or any other citrus fruit to improve your Vitamin C intake. Vitamin C also strengthens capillaries that help connect hair shafts strongly.

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