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How to Cook Easy – Practical Tips for Everyday Life


Contrary to popular belief, preparing some dishes can be very practical! Often, preparing foods that delight the palate is a matter of herbs and spices for chicken, following the recipe and, in some cases, trial and error.

So, we brought this post to give you some tips and to demystify the idea that cooking is something out of this world. In the end, in addition to enjoying the taste of a food you have prepared, you will find that getting your hands dirty and making some dishes is easier than you think!

spice pack

Start with something that pleases your palate

This can be a good strategy for you to start your adventure in the kitchen, if you are still a bit of a cookware virgin. Have you seen that many people do not know how to fry an egg? However, some, because they like pasta, for example, know how to prepare pasta like that!

Think about this culinary component and try to look for different dishes, in which it is a key piece. So, you can develop your practice in the kitchen.

Bet on the pasta and see how easy cooking is

Since pasta is a dish that pleases many palates, let’s say it is also one of your favorites. If you choose them, start by preparing simple pasta.

The easiest is to use ready-made sauces and extracts from the beginning, but with some experience you can learn to  make the sauce completely: one of the simplest options is based on ripe tomatoes, garlic, onions and some spices, all cooked over a low heat for 40 to 50 minutes. Look for best spice pack offered by Bhodro.

Over time, you will improve your recipes with organic herbs and spices and may even prepare your own pasta based on flour and eggs.