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The Differences Between Seltzer, Sparkling Water and Tonic


Find out what are the specifics of each and how they are best used in contexts of preparation and tasting drinks

Are you also one of those people who tend to think that tonic water is similar to sparkling water or seltzer? Despite having the same visual appearance, these three types of water are manufactured in different ways and serve to be used in different contexts.

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Find out now how they are made and what each type of water is used for in the context of preparing and tasting drinks.

Sparkling water

The composition of sparkling water is the same as for natural water. The difference between one and the other is in the process of artificial gasification, identical to that of soft drinks.

Thus, the addition of gas to the water occurs by removing the oxygen present in the liquid and adding carbon dioxide instead. To absorb carbon dioxide, the water must be cooled.

Although many people refer to sparkling water in a negative way, it poses no health risk. Quite the opposite! It can contribute to the prevention of diseases in the stomach or esophagus.

Tonic water

Tonic water is a drink prepared with sparkling water, sugar and quinine hydrochloride, a type of salt. It is exactly the presence of salt that differentiates tonic water from soft drinks. It is also responsible for giving the drink that characteristic bitter taste.

It is worth mentioning that the amount of quinine hydrochloride in tonic water meant that the drink was used as a medicine because of its invigorating properties.


It basically belongs to Germany. It is just like soda water or a carbonated drink. Because of its similarity, the seltzer may be substituted with soda making a special cocktail drink.

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