Simple Things You Can Do to Add a Few Inches to Your Height

Simple Things You Can Do to Add a Few Inches to Your Height


Want to increase a few inches in your height? Are you living under the impression that age can’t be improved after 18? We have good news for you. You can still improve your height by doing some simple things. So read on and learn more.

Simple Things You Can Do to Add a Few Inches to Your Height

But before we go any further, let’s understand how humans’ bodies grow naturally and what things we can do to amplify our height growth. Your genes play a vital role in determining how tall you’ll be. There’re also other factors like sleep patterns, proper nutrition and physical activity that contribute to height growth process.  However, these factors are not as important as genetics. The pituitary gland in our body secrets Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is responsible for bone and muscle growth, body composition, and metabolism of fat. This hormone works efficiently in the age between 12 and 13, and the height growth development continues to last for five to six years. Let’s have a look at ways how one can improve their height:

Improve your diet

A healthy diet is comprised of vegetables, proteins, fruits, and carbohydrates. You need to consume the right food that augments the production of growth hormones. A well balanced diet should be high in essential fats, proteins, vitamins, nutrients and complex carbohydrates. If you have trouble segregating what is health and what is not, consider consulting the dietician to get the best piece of advice. Lean meats, milk, nuts, leafy vegetables and fruits are supposed to be good for height growth.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is said to stimulate the never ends directly associated with pituitary gland. This gland then produces more HGH, which can lead to an improvement in height even after 18. You can perform any physical activity such as running, jumping or other aerobic exercise to stay fit for years to come.