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Rejuvenation without Surgery – Beauty Tips and Treatments for Facial Skin Look 10 Years Younger

Skin Care

Conquering a skin so perfect that it looks 10 years younger without having surgery may seem like a dream, but did you know that with a few simple cares this can become reality? Doing frequent skin cleanings, starting a detox diet and using an anti-wrinkle cream consistently are some habits that help achieve this goal. Want to know more? Check out treatments and tips to rejuvenate your skin in 10 years!

Medical Spa Modesto

  1. Do frequent skin cleanings

One of the most traditional ways to rejuvenate the skin without having to undergo surgery is to cleanse the skin. The procedure removes blackheads, dead cells and improves skin texture, helping to maintain the skin’s balance. By being more illuminated and even relaxed, the expression of the face is instantly rejuvenated. The technique also helps in the improvement of spots and fine lines and, when performed frequently, it even prevents the appearance of new marks. In addition to the face, it is possible to cleanse other parts of the body such as the back and neck.

  1. Bet on professional chemical peels

Chemical peeling is a treatment that removes the oldest layers of the face, promoting cell renewal and leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated. The technique can be performed on the skin of the face to remove scar marks and the most diverse types of spots. The procedure is divided into three main types:

Perfect chemical peel: The Perfect Peal is a great solution provided by SkinRenew Laser & Aesthetics, a Medical Spa Modesto to lighten and remove wrinkles or superficial acne marks in a quick and practical way.

Medium chemical peel: The acids used in this technique work on the middle and outer layers of the skin to treat acne and deeper wrinkles.

Deep chemical peel: Suitable for the most degraded skin due to deep spots if sun, accidents and acne, it is the most efficient and removes the layers of the dermis to the internal level.