Menopause and Libido: 11 Tips to Deal with Low Sex Drive



30-Second Summary

  • Menopause is considered the end of a woman’s sex life because women usually experience a lowered sex drive during this phase.
  • The reason behind low libido after menopause is the decreased levels of sex hormones. This can lead to vaginal dryness, weakened orgasms, and painful sex.
  • The symptoms of menopause do not mean that you should give up on your sex life. They are manageable with various techniques.
  • Some of these techniques include pelvic exercises, libido-boosting foods, and activities to boost blood circulation to the vagina.
  • Hormone replacement therapy is another option to manage libido postmenopause, but natural menopause supplements are usually safer.

Menopause and Libido: What’s Their Connection?

Healthy sex life can boost your physical and mental health and the overall quality of your life. However, women may experience a fluctuating sex drive due to various reasons. These reasons could include post-pregnancy changes or hormonal fluctuations. As you grow older, you may also experience decreased libido during and after menopause.

There is a clear connection between menopause and sexual health because every woman may experience lowered sex hormones during this stage. These low levels of sex hormones can cause vaginal dryness, which leads to pain during sex or weakened orgasms. The decreased production of sex hormones one of the primary reasons behind low libido postmenopause.

While there is some stigma associated with sex at a mature age, you have the absolute right to enjoy a healthy sex life after menopause. Here are some ways in which you can boost your libido in this crucial stage.

  • Vaginal Lubricants – A vaginal lubricant is a moisturizer for your vagina. It helps to reduce vaginal dryness, thereby eliminating any pain during sex after menopause. You can find various options in the form of topical creams that you can apply to your vagina before sex.
    Clinical studies[1] are also investigating the efficacy of lubricating rings that can be inserted into the vagina. These products can make sex painless and enjoyable for you again!
  • Libido-Boosting Foods – Certain foods can boost your libido indirectly by improving your blood circulation. These foods include anything rich in antioxidants, such as dark chocolate, walnuts, fish, and blueberries.
    These food items open up your blood vessels, which leads to better stimulation during sex. They can help you break free from the chain of menopause and sexual health issues.
  • Vaginal Massages – Apart from moisturizers and top-rated menopause supplements, frequent massages can also boost your libido postmenopause. Gently massage your vagina a few times every week to increase blood flow.
    It will make your orgasms more enjoyable and also reduce any pain during sex. You can use your hands or a vibrator for these massages.
  • Communication With Your Partner – Sex is not just about physical intimacy. It is also about being on the same mental bandwidth as your partner. Open communication with your partner is essential when you are experiencing a low sex drive. Together, you can explore what works best for you and figure out ways to achieve optimal satisfaction.
  • Acts of Intimacy – Besides the actual act of sex, various forms of intimacy can improve your sexual health. Some of these acts of intimacy include foreplay, showering together, or role-playing.
    These can improve blood circulation and vaginal lubrication, which will allow you to enjoy sex afterward. Indulge in these activities with your partner before sex to make intercourse more enjoyable for both of you.
  • Menopause Supplements – Menopause supplements contain ingredients to encourage a better hormonal balance and sex drive. Amberen is one such supplement that contains Calcium and Magnesium.
    These natural ingredients claim to improve hormonal health & helps to protect metabolic health, stabilizes moods in women during menopause, which, in turn, boosts their libido. It also claims to reduce mood swings and hot flashes caused by menopause.Amberen  review posts by consumers are fairly positive, and you can combine the product with other tips to boost your sex drive.
  • Kegel Exercises – Kegel exercises are pelvic floor exercises that can strengthen your pelvic muscles. According to studies[2], Kegel exercises can improve sexual arousal and satisfaction in women after hitting menopause.
    These are simple exercises that you can find online and practice daily for better sexual health. It can improve the quality of your orgasms no matter what your age.
  • Vibrators – Vibrators can help you in many ways if you are experiencing a low sex drive. You can use them for vaginal massages as well as for stimulation. You can also ask your partner to use a vibrator on you to prepare your vagina for intercourse. They will help with lubrication for painless sex and also strengthen your vaginal muscles over time.
  • Pumps – Pumps are devices that can improve clitoral stimulation. They have a suction cup to stimulate blood flow in the clitoris. However, these devices usually require a prescription from a doctor. Also, some women may find them uncomfortable. Do consult your doctor if you wish to explore them as an option.
  • Professional Consultation – If at-home techniques fail to boost your libido, visiting a professional may help. A sex therapist can offer you ways in which you and your partner can make sex painless and enjoyable for both of you. They may recommend some exercises or activities to improve your overall sex life. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional if need be!
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy – Hormone replacement therapy addresses lowered sex hormones by externally supplying the same. You will have to consume estrogen pills to boost your libido and reduce vaginal dryness. Sometimes, moderate doses of Testosterone are also administered.

However, hormone replacement therapy often has side effects like blood clots and cardiac issues. The top-rated menopause supplements with natural ingredients are considered safer alternatives. Do consult a certified professional before opting for this treatment.

The Bottom Line 

Menopause does not and should not have to be the end of your sex life! Every woman has the right to enjoy a healthy sex life no matter what her age.

You should try these safe and easy methods to boost your libido. Also, natural supplements can help you out. Amberen review by consumers is quite positive, and this product may help you manage the various symptoms of menopause.

So, do not ever consider menopause a sign to give up on your sex life. It is just a hormonal change that is easily manageable with some techniques. You can continue to enjoy a healthy sex life for the years to come!